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How to choose the best sim deal by bestsimuk

In order to choose the best sim deal you need to take in consideration your priorities in terms of communication. You normally find answers to help you choosing the best purchase, in this case we believe that the questions would actually help you more!

  • First of all, how often do you call your family/friends/colleagues?
  • Do you normally make a high quantity of calls abroad?
  • Do you send a lot of texts?
  • Do you surf on the web just randomly or do you spend a lot of time on social media and watching videos?

Now answering to these x4 questions you’ll find out which ones your priorities are. Our website is designed to help you scrolling through them using our smart filter. You can find hundreds of deals that match your needs. We might as well anticipate you some smart tips such as going for Lebara or EE if you need a good deal that includes abroad calls, or GiffGaff if you tend to use lots of GB of internet. But since every brand and deal offer a quite wide range of hints, we recommend you to answer to these four questions yourself and to drop your cursor straight onto our smart filter to start choosing!

How to choose a smartphone

We thought about it for so long and we came up with a short list of features that will help you to find the smartphone that will suit you the most.

  • Screen size: (you might have an idea of how big you would like your phone screen to be, I you do not want to carry a huge phone with you may simply go for a medium size. Instead if you tend to also watch videos, movies and presentations via phone then you might as well want to go for a larger one).
  • Screen edge: With or without edge?
  • Phone size: Light or heavier, thin or thick?
  • Operative system (Find the one that feels easier to use, Android, iOS, Windows – have a try I some store perhaps and try to navigate, text and manage your apps to understand what is best for you).
  • Camera quality: If you aim to use your phone as a semi-professional camera, then you definitely take in consideration megapixel and resolution.
  • Speaker quality
  • Battery: Make sure one single charge lasts as long as possible.
  • Design: Every year there is a different design that becomes fashionable on the market. If you’re a fashion addicted you can surely have a look on the internet and scroll the top 10 phones of the year to find out which designs are hitting the wave!
  • Processor: Make sure your system is as quick, and as much fluid as possible.
  • Memory: Probably, the bigger is, the better is for everyone.
  • Micro SD Slot: It is not extremely important to have it but it is a plus if you wish to expand your storage.
  • Physical qwerty vs virtual keyboard: You may think that nowadays everyone is using the virtual keyboard but still, some brands such as Blackberry still produce a physical one and we must say that that looks more fashionable and avant-garde than before! It looks pretty, it looks cool, it also helps to don’t press the wrong button (just being ironically) but once again you choose the right one in base of what makes you feel more comfortable.
Here’s our purchase guide

The market is really starting to get filled in with more and more smartwatches therefore might be quite difficult to understand to which one you should be keen into, especially for a new-generation product such as this one. However, there are a few tips and tools for which you should always go for before purchasing it, either if you might need something in particular instead of some other things, here’s what you should look at firstly:

  • Operative System: Smartwatches run on three different operating systems respectively Android Wear, watchOS and Tizen. The most important check you’ll need to verify is that the smartwatch runs on the same operating system of your smartphone. E.G. a watchOS product cannot connect with a Samsung or a Sony, as you might have imagined.
  • Android Wear: It is compatible with Apple too (even if sometimes its connection can be still quite wobbly), Android built a touch screen system in which you can retrieve info from your favourite apps such as your emails, calls, music, texts, fitness features and more. A plus it is definitely the ability to connect also with Wi-Fi, therefore you can still enjoying its internet use without having your phone around.
  • watchOS: Apple also built a touch-screen feature with a high-quality app scrolling and the most updated fitness features. You can also customize your home-screen and menu.
  • Tizen: Even though Tizen too offers lovely features such as a total personalization of font, sizes and home-screen and several apps, it’s the less popular operative system on smartwatches therefore check and double check that it is compatible with your handset operative system first.
  • Battery Life: We suggest to purchase a smartwatch with rechargeable batteries. Also take in consideration that the more you have heavy apps and other features like a large screen, your battery will get consumed quicker.
  • Fitness Features: If you are a fitness maniac then you should definitely go for a heart-rate monitor, also, if you go for one with the built-in GPS you can rate your heartbeat while you’re running on your favourite itinerary.
  • Pricing: You will note that most of the smartwatches might cost a bit too much compare to what you had in mind for a “modern watch”. We are not that far from the past, when the price was increasing once you were adding up expensive material to it. Today too, you can find gold, aluminium, ceramic, silver and many more materials on a smartwatch. Therefore, we feel like to suggest you that £250 spent on a silicon smartwatch are as well a great purchase as it is for another that in gold and aluminium that cost £700. It all depends on how much you want to personalise it. If you wish, is a good idea to check that your smartwatch got the interchangeable clasps so you can modify its look whenever you want!
  • Touch or Buttons? That also it is totally up to you and how you would feel comfortable in using a screen of those dimensions. Consider the size of your fingers while you have to scroll, digit and select. Have a try in the store first, and then if you really feel like you need the support of the side buttons then don’t be shy and ask for it! We obviously recommend the touch-screen base but only because once you use it, it will run smooth performances on a daily basis. A scrolling is always quicker than a press-release button process. But once again, the protagonist it’s you therefore, take in consideration all these basic tips we gave you and good luck with your choice! Do not forget to contact us in case you shall have any questions or curiosities!
A short and smart guide to help you to choose the best tablet on the market by bestsimsuk

You surely happened to be the fellow looking for a great tablet deal on the market and listening to the Argos sales consultant opinion and then again to some web users to end up wondering what on earth could possibly help you to find the right device for you and no one else? Well, this is the reason why we want to write about it and concentrating here the essential options that you always have to take in consideration in order to make a good tablet purchase!

  • Operative System: As you choose it for the smartphone, you have to take it in consideration for your tablet too.We always run around the same x3 operative systems – iOS, Android and Windows. Our suggestion is obviously to go for the one you already use for your Smartphone because it is with that one that you’ll be probably be more familiar with, after all a tablet is nothing but a halfway through a Smartphone and a laptop, to keep you company while you want to browse some good stuff on your bed!
  • Screen size and brightness: Choose carefully, normally, the more bright your screen will be, the easier and more pleasant will be for you to use it. While as it is for the screen, think if you wish you bring the tablet with you during your daily moves. Are you a person that travels very much? Or you need a tablet just to have a smaller devices to use after a hard working day? If you do, then you might as well go for a large screen so you can watch videos and movies. You can also go for the smaller one if you want something discrete to take with you wherever you go.
  • RAM (Memory): Normally, tablets offer a memory space which goes from 1 to 4GB, you can find other ones that offer you up to 8GB and normally, the more memory you have, the quicker your performance is going to perform. Just remember that if you’re purchasing the tablet just to have a device to use in your free time, then you’ll probably won’t need too much memory. 4GB are enough to keep up with your social media contents, surfing on the web and watch movies on Netflix. Remember that you can also buy a separated SD Memory Card.
  • Battery life: You might want to use your tablet at home mainly or take it on the airplane with you. In any case, it doesn’t matter how long you’re going to use it for, we feel like to suggest you to don’t go for a tablet that runs on less than a 8 hours of a single charge.

To summarize everything, remember that the tablet has been designed to be the free-time device! This doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to use it for your job data or phone calls, all things that you can do with a laptop and Smartphone, this mean that you can use a tablet simply to perform a summary of all these things together in a quicker way and most of all while resting on your sofa, without feeling obliged to grab your big laptop or keep your phone in your hands after having had it for the whole day!

General (3)

Here’s a general guide to do so:

No matter which provider you have, open your phone keyboard and hold down the 1 button.

When requested, enter the temporary password which is normally, the last four digits of your phone number.

At this point you’ll just have to follow the instructions to set up a new password and record your name and a personal greeting, or if you fancy so, you can simply leave your provider default greeting message.

Remember that each provider has a different voice mail dial number, check yours and dial it anytime you receive a message or a message notification.

On a very general line we can state that contracts run from 30 days to 24 months. Both ways pretty much valid depending on your necessities.

From the 15th of June 2017 the European commission broke down the barriers in regards of the using roaming laws – travel and navigate has never been so easy! Now you are able to navigate and call your provider’s national numbers at the same cost of your sim deal, wherever you go around Europe! In a few words, you will now be able to use your sim plan at 360 degrees!

Sims (11)

Each sim-only deal has a different amount and type of data. Check them before you purchase them and make sure they offer you a 4G one. However, you can check our data-only deals too, mostly in 4G. We suggest it in case you need data on your tablet, computer or your phone too.

You sure can. You will need to request your PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your current company which you will later provide to the brand you wish to pass to. It normally takes between 12 to 24 hours to do so and every single company provides a full step-by-step guide and phone assistance to help you going through the process.

You won’t. The ultimate goal of selecting a sim-only-deal is actually to maintain your independence while you figure out a potential new phone purchase.

Our sim-cards are totally free. You can get any of them from any provider for free however, we do recommend to go for a deal straight away so you can have a fresh start all settle-up! If for instance, you wish to get the 20£ p/m giffgaff deal (which includes unlimited data and several minutes and texts for free then just go for the 20£ sim-card and chose the deal! But as said at the beginning, you are also free to select a new, virgin sim-card for free and to calmly chose the deal that best suits you later on.

You do, but this vary from brand to brand.

As explained in the sim card sizes FAQ, you won’t need to figure this all out before the purchase since all our sims are a combination of the three dimensions which you will be able to dismantle once you understand which size best suits your mobile.

Choosing the Sim-Only option, you purchase a new mobile sim adding up, if you wish, a deal from your favorite brand. In a few words, you won’t have to purchase any phone nor product with it – you simply click on our links and get your chosen sim for free!

A sim-free offer is nothing but a mobile phone purchase (or other products in our stores) with no obligation to get a sim and a deal with it! Kind of live our Sim-Only option reversed! Visit our SIM free section to find out the latest technology wonders!

SIM cards slots come in three sizes: Standard, Micro and Nano. But do not worry about your phone slot size because nowadays all the SIMs we send are combination SIMs, which can be snapped down to the correct size, to fit any requirement.

All the sims we send come in the three standard slots, that is to say: standard, micro and nano. No matter the brand, what you purchase is a combination of the three, joint together, which you can detached once you figure out which one best suits your mobile phone requirements.

Definitely for anyone who wish to keep his favorite method of communication as much as independent as possible!

Just keep your phone and pick up the Sim-Only deal that best suits you from our website. With us it’s easy to pick up your priorities in between calls/sms/data and compare them among the best companies in order to make your final choice.

Smartphones (5)

Sure you can. Purchasing one of our sim-only deals you literally only have to insert the new sim card and you’re going to be all settled up!

Here’s some general and useful tips to do so:

  • First of all, almost every phone on the market has a save-power mode that you can tick nowadays. Go to your settings, and go for it!
  • Decrease the screen brightness (either manually or choosing the automatic option)
  • Decrease your screen time-out timing (how long your screen stays on after the moment you put your phone down)
  • If you can, turn-off Blue-Tooth, apps you don’t need anymore, wi-fi, GPS and most of all, any useless notification option – Remember that all these things suck the energy out of your battery way too quick!
  • Do not use the vibration.
  • And last but not least, you obviously have to use your common sense and avoid what you can. This can be not to constantly check your emails, the internet, your Facebook notifications.

In a few words – the phrase “the less you use it, the longer is going to last” it’s still valid.

Mobiles and Sim-Deals are two totally different things. The only real way to get a new phone it is via mobile contract, while with a sim-deal-only you only get  a singular plan that can apply to any smartphone you’re currently using.

Ready to twist your favorite method of communication around and want to get yourself a new phone and deal? Well then there you are, with a mobile contract you can purchase a new smartphone, which you can pay via rates or outright – plus adding on a sim-card and a deal with that via contract. Bear in mind that most of the companies will not allow you to change sim plan until you will have ended your mobile contracts, some others are more flexible. Please visit our mobile contracts section to find out more.

First of all, to cut the story short, we remind you once again that a sim-only deal is a package which normally includes minutes, texts and data at a fixed price per month, while a mobile contract as the name suggest, provides you a handset and a deal with a fixed monthly price normally spread into 24 months. So, what it’s cheaper? Sim-Only deals are. And why? Because using a comparison, the amount of money you spend during the 24 months that includes interests, handset and sim deal is way much more comparing the purchase of an handset paid outright and to which you can later add up a sim-only deal to it.

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