Lycamobile is a virtual mobile company created by LycaTel which obtained amazing results in terms of clients’ range and notoriety from 2006 ‘til today. Its proof is in the 6 million customers who monthly pay for their Lyca PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go deals) leading to a £1.3 billion annual turnover. Lyca runs on the O2 and Orange network Even though it has been designed specifically to connect customers from all around the world (1p per minute, as Lebara also offers), it also offers several cheap national deals for minutes, SMS and voice mail service.  The dark side of it might be the often unclear costs behind the deals; for instance, the customer is told they have free internet but that’s capped at 10mb per day in 2g. It also promotes free calls to any LycaPlus number, but that’s another half-truth since it is so only for the ones outside the UK and with a flat connection cost of 15p. But, in spite of that, we confirm that Lyca offers a very cheap deals/bundles system. Here’s the best 2017 deal, selected by us for you:

Lycamobile | 1 month contract | 15 GB | UNLIMITED minutes towards UK numbers, 100 minutes towards selected countries | UNLIMITED sms | £12.00 p/month


Our rating:

Network coverage: ★★★★ 4/5

Deals: ★★★ 3/5

Cost: ★★★★★ 5/5

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