Another Carphone brand which offers many discounts, rewards, and one of the cheapest basic fees on the market: 8p/minute and 4p/text. It runs on the Vodafone network therefore we can state it gets both a strong 3g and 4g signal Their customer service is great; tasks such as number and sim are sorted quickly and efficiently. Also, all the telephones on sale come from the Carphone Warehouse, therefore are unlocked and unblocked from any smartphone settings. Saying that, you are free to use your phone and sim from a 360 degree prospective (in case you actually want to buy the phone with them).

Here is the best deal selected by us:

TalkMobile | PAYG | 25p/per 25MB | 8p/p minute | 4p / per sms | Prices can vary


Our rating:

Network coverage: ★★★★ 4/5

Deals: ★★★ 3/5

Cost: ★ 1/5

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