How can I preserve my battery’s life?

Here’s some general and useful tips to do so:

  • First of all, almost every phone on the market has a save-power mode that you can tick nowadays. Go to your settings, and go for it!
  • Decrease the screen brightness (either manually or choosing the automatic option)
  • Decrease your screen time-out timing (how long your screen stays on after the moment you put your phone down)
  • If you can, turn-off Blue-Tooth, apps you don’t need anymore, wi-fi, GPS and most of all, any useless notification option – Remember that all these things suck the energy out of your battery way too quick!
  • Do not use the vibration.
  • And last but not least, you obviously have to use your common sense and avoid what you can. This can be not to constantly check your emails, the internet, your Facebook notifications.

In a few words – the phrase “the less you use it, the longer is going to last” it’s still valid.