How To Choose The Perfect Smartphone

How to choose a smartphone

We thought about it for so long and we came up with a short list of features that will help you to find the smartphone that will suit you the most.

  • Screen size: (you might have an idea of how big you would like your phone screen to be, I you do not want to carry a huge phone with you may simply go for a medium size. Instead if you tend to also watch videos, movies and presentations via phone then you might as well want to go for a larger one).
  • Screen edge: With or without edge?
  • Phone size: Light or heavier, thin or thick?
  • Operative system (Find the one that feels easier to use, Android, iOS, Windows – have a try I some store perhaps and try to navigate, text and manage your apps to understand what is best for you).
  • Camera quality: If you aim to use your phone as a semi-professional camera, then you definitely take in consideration megapixel and resolution.
  • Speaker quality
  • Battery: Make sure one single charge lasts as long as possible.
  • Design: Every year there is a different design that becomes fashionable on the market. If you’re a fashion addicted you can surely have a look on the internet and scroll the top 10 phones of the year to find out which designs are hitting the wave!
  • Processor: Make sure your system is as quick, and as much fluid as possible.
  • Memory: Probably, the bigger is, the better is for everyone.
  • Micro SD Slot: It is not extremely important to have it but it is a plus if you wish to expand your storage.
  • Physical qwerty vs virtual keyboard: You may think that nowadays everyone is using the virtual keyboard but still, some brands such as Blackberry still produce a physical one and we must say that that looks more fashionable and avant-garde than before! It looks pretty, it looks cool, it also helps to don’t press the wrong button (just being ironically) but once again you choose the right one in base of what makes you feel more comfortable.