How To Choose The Perfect Smartwatch?

Here’s our purchase guide

The market is really starting to get filled in with more and more smartwatches therefore might be quite difficult to understand to which one you should be keen into, especially for a new-generation product such as this one. However, there are a few tips and tools for which you should always go for before purchasing it, either if you might need something in particular instead of some other things, here’s what you should look at firstly:

  • Operative System: Smartwatches run on three different operating systems respectively Android Wear, watchOS and Tizen. The most important check you’ll need to verify is that the smartwatch runs on the same operating system of your smartphone. E.G. a watchOS product cannot connect with a Samsung or a Sony, as you might have imagined.
  • Android Wear: It is compatible with Apple too (even if sometimes its connection can be still quite wobbly), Android built a touch screen system in which you can retrieve info from your favourite apps such as your emails, calls, music, texts, fitness features and more. A plus it is definitely the ability to connect also with Wi-Fi, therefore you can still enjoying its internet use without having your phone around.
  • watchOS: Apple also built a touch-screen feature with a high-quality app scrolling and the most updated fitness features. You can also customize your home-screen and menu.
  • Tizen: Even though Tizen too offers lovely features such as a total personalization of font, sizes and home-screen and several apps, it’s the less popular operative system on smartwatches therefore check and double check that it is compatible with your handset operative system first.
  • Battery Life: We suggest to purchase a smartwatch with rechargeable batteries. Also take in consideration that the more you have heavy apps and other features like a large screen, your battery will get consumed quicker.
  • Fitness Features: If you are a fitness maniac then you should definitely go for a heart-rate monitor, also, if you go for one with the built-in GPS you can rate your heartbeat while you’re running on your favourite itinerary.
  • Pricing: You will note that most of the smartwatches might cost a bit too much compare to what you had in mind for a “modern watch”. We are not that far from the past, when the price was increasing once you were adding up expensive material to it. Today too, you can find gold, aluminium, ceramic, silver and many more materials on a smartwatch. Therefore, we feel like to suggest you that £250 spent on a silicon smartwatch are as well a great purchase as it is for another that in gold and aluminium that cost £700. It all depends on how much you want to personalise it. If you wish, is a good idea to check that your smartwatch got the interchangeable clasps so you can modify its look whenever you want!
  • Touch or Buttons? That also it is totally up to you and how you would feel comfortable in using a screen of those dimensions. Consider the size of your fingers while you have to scroll, digit and select. Have a try in the store first, and then if you really feel like you need the support of the side buttons then don’t be shy and ask for it! We obviously recommend the touch-screen base but only because once you use it, it will run smooth performances on a daily basis. A scrolling is always quicker than a press-release button process. But once again, the protagonist it’s you therefore, take in consideration all these basic tips we gave you and good luck with your choice! Do not forget to contact us in case you shall have any questions or curiosities!